Rutka – Clay Vessels

Formed from clay, fired in sawdust, the oldest method used by man, each piece is unique. We have chosen sawdust firing because the colour and texture are reminiscent of images of the tundra and northern forests. The colour comes from the carbonization of the clay during the firing process. The intensity, shading, and patterns produced by each firing are subject to such variables as temperature, wind and the characteristics of the materials used (sawdust, leaves, straw, etc.). As a consequence, each firing is distinct and each piece is unique. It is this unique element of chance that is so fascinating with sawdust firing. At the time of firing our work is at the mercy of the forces of nature and many pieces do not survive. This welding together of a natural process with human creativity results in the swirls of colour and subtle images that make each piece distinct. Our pottery and sculptures have been on exhibition in solo and group shows. Our work was sold in galleries throughout Canada and can be found in collections in Europe as well as North America. Atelier Rutka was situated in Buckingham, Quebec. We now live in Montreal, Quebec.