Rutka – Passion for Paint

Breaking Out $720.00 CAD Acrylic on Canvas, (24″ x 29″) (59 cm x 74 cm) Breaking out from the regular routines, facing the unknown, exploring ideas, setting goals for oneself, can be uncomfortable, but also rewarding in the future.


Tunnel Vision $690.00 CAD Acrylic on canvas with black wooden frame. (14″ x 30″) (60 cm x 75 cm) Total involvement in a project can sometimes lead to loss of new opportunities. Best to keep aware at all times!


Memories $475.00 CAD Acrylic on Canvas (25″ x 31″) (63 cm x 79 cm) Memories can be triggered by many events, small and large, making our lives richer, whether the memory is good or uncomfortable, they colour our lives.


Non-stop $360.00 CAD

Acrylic on Canvas with black wooden frame (21″ x 17″) (53 cm x 43 cm) Modern Society rushes along to to squeeze more and more into each day. When technology began to change we thought it would allow us to have more time for leisure, learning, and just enjoying life. Didn’t happen!


Reflections on a Community $357.00 CAD Acrylic on Canvas, black wooden frame (17″ x 21″) (43 cm x 53 cm) So many things reflect back to us, still water, mirrors, windows at night, as well as our thoughts and actions reflect on everything around us.


Revenge $490.00 Acrylic on Canvas, with black wooden frame, (19″ x 24″) (48 cm x 65 cm) The turmoil in this painting represent chaos when revenge is taken. On a personal level it damages both parties. On a global scale it leads to war, poverty and sacrifice.



The Search $390 Acrylic on Canvas, black wooden frame. (17″ x 21″) (43 cm x 53 cm) We all search during our lives, whether it is to find a lost possession or the larger search for meaning, for love, for perfection. Searching keeps us aware.