Rutka – Installations

Community: Tree trunks bound by rope,representing groups in a community, placed in a raised wall of earth covered with grass, and stones. The lone trunk in the centre represents the newcomer outside the groups already formed in the community. We had just been in Washington a short while when we did this installation. Group show at Glen Echo Art Park, Washington, D.C.


Reflections Installed on a wall which ran along a balcony in the Washington, DC. YMCA. We used mylar to cover the walls, with light weight support behind the mylar to make curves and textures. The mylar reflected the movement of people in the building and traffic on the street below.


Broken Flight: projects the feelings of trauma, both personal and of society, caused by an unexpected intrusion. The two metal pipes between the two “broken” wing shapes represent the shock of an unexpected event. The small mylar plastic pieces hanging inside reflect the viewer in fractured images representing the chaos intrusion brings as well as emphasizing that intrusive events follow one into sheltered situations.

The “intrusion” of the piece across a narrowing passage of the field emphasizes intrusion as a trauma that can impede progress, bringing life to a standstill and turning a bright future into something broken and insecure.

Art Terre, International show in Buckingham, Quebec. 1992


Passage: Represents the passing of time, For this piece we had to hire heavy machinery to move the stones into place, and a large rotary drill for the holes. Art Terre International Show in Buckingham, Quebec.


Border Crossing: The straw bales bound with red tape represent the difficulties of crossing borders for people and migrants, while the vine branches hung with gold bars (wood painted gold) crossing over, and through the trees represent the ease with which capital crosses borders i.e globalization. All materials accessed locally. A group show of Canadian artists at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, New York State.


ANCESTORS: A variation on the theme of intrusion, this piece is a statement on how we are bound by tradition to our ancestors. However free we may feel to act as we wish, we are nonetheless subject to the influences of our society, itself the culmination of the influences and habits of those who came before us. These traditions intrude on the decisions we make in our daily life. In other words we are victims of and subject to our past and constrained by our place in the time-cycle of human history.

Art Terre: International Show, Buckingham, Quebec, 1992


Common Threads: Reflecting ball, within ball shaped armature with slinkies reaching out to the surrounding forest, representing DNA strands.

There is a Dunifying material that binds together our living universe, a material that determines the most basic features of the millions of living entities inhabiting our planet, from the most minute bacteria to the plants and more complex animals including humans. It is called DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid.

Many of the individual messages within DNA are common to all life forms, interchangeable, recognizable, and usable by all, a common thread that links us all. The growing ability to manipulate this thread opens up untold possibilities for manipulation and evolution. How humans use this knowledge will profoundly affect our future

Art Terre, International Art Show, Buckingham, Quebec.1994