We have enjoyed a very successful career as visual artists beginning approximately 40 years ago. Encompassing a wide variety of mediums ranging from clay vessels, to sculptures, land art, painting and wearable art, and our work has been shown across Canada and the United States. We are in numerous public and private collections and have had more than 35 solo and group exhibitions.

As part of our outreach we were enthusiastic participants in the Quebec Ministry of Culture’s “Artists in the Schools” program, which took us across the province of Quebec and we have given numerous professional enhancement workshops for fellow artists.

We hosted two Art Terre in situ art exhibits near Ottawa, the second of which featured 19 artists from Canada and the US.

Our work has been influenced by the extraordinary beauty of Canada’s rugged scenery and wide spaces, experienced through many visits to the boreal forests and sub-artic that make up much of Canada While now on a different pace, the drive to create still motivates us both. Jean is painting and making wearable art, and Robert is enjoying photography.

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