The polymer polka expresses the movement I see in the pieces, I especially like to have my work a little off balance, not exactly in line.   Movement always fascinates- the leaves rustling in the trees, water flowing and tumbling over the rocks, the swish of skis in the snow, and the movements we make to the rhythm of music.   Art also has its own rhythm, the time of day, the sound the material makes in your hands, the rasp of sandpaper, the whir of the convection oven while my pieces bake, all are music to my ears.   Sometimes the music is very good, and if it becomes discordant I file the piece it in the trash and start over.

Being an artist, and living with an artist makes me feel very privileged.   I spend each day doing what I love to do.   Every morning brings a new thought, a new form to work on and new colors to mix.   It keeps my mind and my hands busy all day.   At times my studio is so messy it is a wonder I can find anything, when I am working hard I seem to leave stuff around, but finally I clean it all up when I am starting a new project.  Its a great way of life, suits me!




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