Setting the corners, pushing the curves

Spent most of the day yesterday working on a necklace with a very large focus piece, and made many small beads to complement it.   Looks okay, but haven’t had time to photograph it yet.   The piece below is about 3″ wide by 2″ high, and is one of the latest pieces I have been making in the Corners and Curves series.

It was so hot yesterday that I was happy to be working in my basement studio, stayed lovely and cool.   Had to chase a spider out the window and clear off a web before opening the window.    Earlier in the morning when watering the garden I tried to wash down a web on our garden swing chair, it wouldn’t break, had to use a stick to remove it.   Too bad they haven’t come up with a way of using spider webs for a strong material.

I changed the title this morning, but left my tagline, I think that wearable art is a good tag line, as that is what I create.   It amazes me to see how many colors can blend and change in my hands as I work the clay, much more interesting than other materials.   Guild meeting this evening, we will be discussing the schedule for the coming year, lots to do after such a wonderful summer.

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