Light as air, Polymer

This is my first post.   I am an artist currently working with polymer clay, a material that is playing with color in my hands, I make small sculptures, dragons, and jewelry.

Before switching to such a light material my husband and I were producing pottery and sculpture, selling our work across Canada in galleries and artisan shows.    After we sold our house in the country where we had a studio, I began to work with silver, which was very beautiful, but quite dirty to work with after I moved my studio back into the house.   Working with polymer clay, which is non toxic, colorful and so light to wear is so much easier than pushing clay and stone around.   My husband has chosen another path, but still gives his opinion about my work, and is encourages me to experiment at all levels.

I have been trying to get this blog to work, with photos of my latest pieces, however I am finding it problematic, so hope this blog will be helpful, even though I cannot post any photos.   I will do that later.

I will be celebrating my 80th birthday next month, so hope my blog will be up and running for my friends and fellow artists to see what I am producing now.    Being an artist means I never can retire – unless I can be creative each and every day, I get quite cranky.

This morning I have been designing a necklace with a very large piece, with small beads to complement it, hope it turns out well.   Will be blogging again tomorrow.

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